Is “Self-Made” in Business A Myth?

When we have business goals, sometimes we get in a zone and scream it’s ME AGAINST THE WORLD! In saying it’s me against the World, we are saying that I have goals to obtain.  I WILL obtain these goals! I don’t care who is in my way – I don’t care who doesn’t support me – I don’t need anyone’s help. The Me Against The World mindset is really saying Me vs. The World.

If this is our true feeling, if this is our approach, if this is our mindset we often have to live with the potential consequences. What consequences? This mentality can be a double-edged sword.  It energizes us to work hard and deliberate towards our goals. It can comfort and help us through the tough times of trying to accomplish a goal.  At the same time, it can isolate us from the very people we may just need to take that next step up the ladder or make that next move forward.

You might feel, that’s not a consequence, because its You Against The World.  You make it happen.  You will be “Self-Made”, so you don’t need anyone. What if I told you being “Self-Made” is a myth?! At least, in business I feel it is a myth.

If you are rapper, you don’t make it if no one buys your music.

If you are a baker, you don’t make it if no one buys your goods.

If you are a pro boxer, you don’t make it if no one buys your tickets.

If you cut hair, you don’t make it if no one buys your services.

If you are a mechanic, you don’t make it if no one buys your services.

If you are a personal trainer, you don’t make it if no one buys your services.

You see where this is going right!

You can certainly be a self-starter, self-motivated, self-directed, self-driven, or even self-dependent. However, when you “make it” it will be the result of your ability to Persevere, Persist, and Proceed with the help of at least a couple help.

I really said all that to encourage you to not let your own energy or fire be so hot it keeps everyone away. Not too many people are willing to run in a fire to help someone they know let alone run in a fire to help someone they have never even met. On that same note, don’t let your fire be so hot it burns you up from the inside before the World has the privilege of seeing your light shine on the outside.

Through it all Persevere, Persist, and Proceed! Plus, a smile here and there can’t hurt.

Let me know what you think; Let’s discuss!

* I am sure there are businesses that we can come up with we can succeed at without the help of others. Nothing is absolute.  This was written with the understanding that Is not likely to happen for most of us.

*This doesn’t apply to every goal.  Like, you can truly lose weight on your own.  A group or help would be nice, but it not required.

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