Inspiration and Motivation is the Goal

Thanks for stopping by Hawkeye Publications! Don’t let the name fool you, sure we publish books. However, our goal is creating blog posts with the purpose of providing inspiration where it is needed, motivation when necessary, and a little tough love every once and a while.

We want to see every one win! That is why we are here.

We all having different starting points. We all have our own obstacles. We all have our own goals. So, no situation is the same. We stare a variety of inspiration, motivation, and tough love post. You never know when one post or combination of post will be just what some one needs at that time. No tantisy post here; If it is posted here, that post is from experience.

Hope something here inspires you to want to go be great!

Hope something here motivates you to get up and go after your goals!

Hope something here gives you the kick in the butt you need when it seems like quitting is your only option!

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