A Message To Our Health Care Professionals

I am talking about all of you! I don’t want to list titles because I certainly will miss a few and don’t want any Health Care Professional to feel this message is not directed to you.  Just so we are on the same page, I am talking to everyone who makes up the health care system to include the Unit Clerks, Cooks, Dental Tech, and every position across the board.

I’ve been an Occupational Health & Safety Professional over 21 years.  A well know fact in the “Safety World” is nearly 60% of fatalities in confined space entry are what we call “would be” rescuers.  That is to say, 60% of them were great people, saw someone in danger, and jumped into action but ultimately lost their own life.

Being the grandson of a retired CNA, son of a current and still practicing LPN and the husband of a current RN and practicing Assistance Director of Nursing, I think of all you brave health care professionals every time I’m reminded of that confined space fact.  You are the people who put your health, life, and future on the line every time you clock in and many times that dedication doesn’t stop even when you clock out.

Now to the part safety were a safety guy tells you something you already know.

The country is facing a time when you all are needed more than ever. You all have showed up in full force ready to take this Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak head on!

In your dedication and determination to flatten the curve of this pandemic, please remember to practice using universal precautions. It would be an insult to list those universal precautions here for you.  There is no doubt you know those precautions quite well.  Please use them; remind and encourage your team to do the same!  When this thing dies down, we want to be able to commend YOU, our “Sheroes” and “Heroes” personally and not through memories, condolence cards, or RIP post.

Just like the 60% “would be” rescuers who saw a fellow human in need and took action, it is natural and automatic for you do the same.  However, what makes your chances of survival extremely higher than those “would be” rescuers is your formal education, experience, and ability to think rationally in high-intensity situations. Continue to use those priceless skills that have gotten you this far in your medical career, and soon enough you will be laughing and sharing these scary stories with your coworkers, family members, and friends!

Stay strong! We see you! We appreciate you! Protect yourself!

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