Reflection on a Subpar 2019

Not Your Typical Year End Post… What do you do in the midst of your scariest year in business?

You reach out to even more businesses, you meet with people in person, you knock on doors, you make calls, you send emails, you read articles, you read books, and oh yeah you listen! You listen to people, the market, and books, you listen to lots of books. 😊😊

I’ll be honest and admit 2019 was my worse year in seven years of business. You wouldn’t know throughout the year because I fought to stay positive, celebrate other’s wins, and not quit. You could say, when life was hitting me with power punches, I kept jabbing (My book plug 😂).

If 2019 was my nightmare. Choosing to persevere, persist, and proceed, I’ll be the boogeyman in 2020!

You can DO the same in 2020 in your 2019 was anything like mines. The key word there is DO! Don’t sit and feel sorry for yourself and circumstance. Choose to actively do something to make the next day better than the current day. Those will moves add up.

Happy New Year to you; Let’s Do This!

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