Day 1 -Purpose of Blog

Hi!!! Thanks for stopping by.  I’m HT3Stacks.  Today the is first day of my blog.  I have no clue of what I am doing, LOL!  I am a person with a lot of experience in a few topics I am passionate about.  These topics are pretty much in my daily thoughts and daily conversations with those around me.  So much so, that my wife and kids, family, and friends suggested I start a blog to share my thoughts to a wider audience.  To be honest, these thoughts are normal to me so I have never really looked at them as nuggets to pass on.  Soon enough we will see if you agree with me or the people who put me up to this!

I am a person who believes in the power of positive thinking.  With that in mind, in my blog I will share my journey/thoughts/experiences in the areas of working towards better health (The Overweight Bodybuilding Boxer, LOL!), an entrepreneur (Learning Business By Trial and Error) growing two companies (Occupational Safety Consultant and Professional Boxing Trainer and Manager), and life (Ups, Downs, and In Between)  in general.

I hope my sharing will be the motivation or inspiration someone will occasionally need to push forward through whatever obstacle that may be causing them to stand still.

not motivational speaker

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